11 Novembre > 18 Décembre 2022
Vernissage 10 Novembre - 18:30




“A few years ago, I read a story about some swallows.

One day, residents of various cities by waking up in the morning, they found outside their

windows hundreds of swallows immobilized, waiting. Staring into nowhere, with their eyes

wide open.

Crowded in every recess, on the balconies of buildings, in windows, in air ducts, even sitting

on the road. In complete immobility and barely protected in their temporary shelters, they

waited. And the story went on to explain the phenomenon.[...]”

“Forecast” is the new body of work that Ilias has been developing for the last five years. It

starts by following the journey of some swallows traveling from the earth’s south to the north

and slowly it morphs into a photographic corpus of poetry. A journey that is trying to find and

capture an inner peace, a unique and universal cosmic balance of the inner self, driven and

surrounded by the forces and the beauty of nature. A photographic narration that highlights

the minimal, the abstract and the lyrical that give meaning to our existence and human


“Forecast'' is a corpus which includes hundreds of pictures that challenge and exceed linear

photographic narratives by creating transformational elliptic patterns of meaning and

story-telling that almost never end. A concept heavily inspired by fugues in music and by the

earth’s movement in space and the change of seasons.

This work is also accompanied by an original music score - composition written by and

performed by Greek composer and pianist Daphne Kotsiani which is then elliptically remixed

by various Greek composers and music artists.

“Forecast” is going to be published as a photobook by the end of 2022.

This is the first exhibition of the work.

Silvano Magnone


For the ongoing project SACRO SILENZIO, Silvano Magnone spent the last two years exploring his favourite belgian and italian forests.

As a tribute to the powerful and calming energy of the woods, the images for SACRO SILENZIO

are taken using the slow, ancient technique of Wetplate Collodion.

Wetplate collodion - a photography process dating back to 1850 - is an extremely complex and

entirely hand made photographic technique that requires all the steps to be made on the spot, from the preparation of the chemistry to the final development of the image in a darkroom.

For this project He had to adapt the entire creation process to the new challenges of photographing in the wild, using a wooden large format camera and antique brass lenses and building a portable darkroom and a trailer to carry around all the equipment with a bicycle in order to reach the otherwise inaccessible locations in the woods.

Wet plate Collodion is an organic process and very unpredictable; above all it requires an important dose of humbleness. Manipulating his home-made chemistry in the open air, the photographer abandon a position of total control and the uncertainty of the whole process allows him to step into a world in which every accident is possible and every unwanted reaction might bring him to see things under perspectives that he would have never imagined.

For l'Enfant Sauvage Silvano Magnone created an installation called Shinrin-Yoku, a contemplative

journey into one of his creations from Sacro Silenzio.

Entering a silent minimalistic space, the viewer is invited to plunge into a meditative space, to take

time, explore and surrender to the majestic and powerful energy of the forest.