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Jeudi 13 Juin - 18h / Thursday 13 June - 18:00
Book Release SHELTER by Renée Lorie - Editions du Caïd

L'Enfant Sauvage is delighted to welcome Renée Lorie & Editions du Caïd for this book release “SHELTER”.

sʜᴇʟᴛᴇʀ In Shelter, Renée Lorie embarks on a photographic contemplation on human connection and refuge. Through a collection of fragments from accidental encounters and everyday life, and the landscapes as well as magical folklore of the Shetland Islands—an archipelago in Scotland—Lorie immerses viewers into interconnected emotions, ranging from isolation and displacement to connectedness. Lorie also incorporates philosophical notes in relation to her photographs. Lorie seems to be weaving patterns which strengthen interhuman interiorities and open up vistas to what islands 'mean'. This 'expanded' photography is testimony to both the force of local languages in the broad sense and the role of 'sheltering' in human lives.


@reneelorie (b. 1989, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. She studied Art History (UGent), Films Studies and Visual Culture (University of Antwerp) and Photography (Sint Lukas Brussels). She works as a visual artist. She published her first book Noctury with Posture Editions (Ghent). She exhibited in Recyclart (Brussels), Netwerk (Aalst), FOMU (Antwerpen), Tibilisi Photo Festival (Tibilisi, Georgia), Centre Culturel de Namur (Namur), gave lectures in Centrale for Contemporary Art (Brussels) and curated exhibitions in Recyclart (Brussels) and at Université Saint Louis (Brussels). She was selected for .tiff 2020 (FOMU, Antwerpen).

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